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Met on arrival at the airport by Gregg which was great. We stayed in the double ensuite room which was a really good size and good for privacy. The hostel organised our Phi Phi transfers too and were very helpful. Recommend it for a cheap stay in Patong! Sophie 2010-01-28  
Great place. Double bed room was beautiful and nicer than a lot of mid range hotels. Dorms are also very nice, clean and comfortable. Location is better than one would think as its only 10 minutes from the beach but far enough out of the way to be quiet at night. Jasmin 2010-02-23

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Outside Inn Bar& Reception
Outside Inn Bar & Reception
Home of the Outside Inn BBQ & Delicatessen
Outside Inn Bar& Reception

Outside Inn Deli Sandwiches
The Best Tex-Mex This Side of the Mekong

- Roast Beef - Roast Chicken - Roast Pork - Sizzlin' Steak
- Nachos - Tacos - Burritos
- Chili Con Carne
Outside Inn Burgers
Thai & Asian Food
- Outside Inn Burger Deluxe - Outside Inn Standard
- Curries - Stir Fry
 - Fried Rice - Spring Rolls
All The Others
- Hot Dogs - Fish 'n Chips - Pasta -
- Meat Pies - Shepherd's Pie
- Beef Stew - Fries - Salads
- Ice Drinks - Slushies - Shakes
- Fruit Drinks - Coffee - Tea
- Beer - Wine - Spirits - Cocktails
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Rooftop Beach Bar
At Cheap Charlie's
Rooftop Beach Bar
Rooftop Beach Bar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Karaoke Competition
Wet T Shirt Competition
Party Night
Party Night

Tune up your vocal chords and prepare yourself for your 5 minutes of fame - every Monday night...
Wanna get paid? Show us what ya got or just chill and give your ears a musical massage - every Tuesday night...
Show off your musical skills, or just chill, swill and relax - every Wednesday night...
Be in to win or there to stare. Show us what ya got - up for the dare? - every Thursday night...
The best in laid back, kick ass tunes from top local and int'l performers - every Friday & Saturday nights...
All U Can Drink Parties!!!
2 hours of raucous reveling and riotous rocking - every Saturday night...
Kick back and treat your aural orifices to the best Blues on the block - every Sunday night...
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Rooftop Beach BBQ
Steaks, Burgers, Sausages, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Saty, Shish Kabob, Vegies, Deli Sandwiches, Prawns, BBQ Fish
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Dorm Rooms
Female Dorm
4 Bed A/C Dorm
Single / Double Room
Single / Private Rooms
Dorm Lounge
Dorm Lounge
Fan Dorm Rooms
From 100 B/Night
(See Additional Rates)
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A/C Dorm Rooms
From 150 B/Night
(See Additional Rates)
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Single / Double Fan Rooms
From 400 B/Night
(See Additional Rates)
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Single / Double A/C Rooms
From 450 B/Night
(See Additional Rates)
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Male Dorm
Male Dorm
10 Bed Fan Dorm
Deluxe Double Room
Deluxe Double Room
Dorm Balcony
Dorm Balcony
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Activities and
Tour Bookings
There's never a dull moment in Phuket - and Cheap Charlie's offers discount ticketing for a plethora of activities and tours for any and all cravings - from adrenalin junkies to 'Momma told me not to get wet' boys:
Scuba Diving


Beach Parasailing

Jet Skiing

Muay Thai Boxing
Elephant Treks
Deep Sea Fishing
Jungle Bungy
Mini Golf
Go Cart Racing
Cable Skiing
Shooting Range
Simon Cabaret
Phuket Fantasea
Phuket City Tour
Thai Massage
Language Instruction
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And... (As Always) ...
Free Shuttle Transport
Free Shuttle Transport - Free WiFi Internet
Free Movies - Free Book Exchange
Free Sunsets - Free Hospitality
50 B Drinks - 50 B Food
Because we're Cheap!!!
Free Sunsets

Cheap Charlie's
Rooftop Beach Bar
& Backpacker Lodge
Tel: 082-221-2922
54 Nanai Rd., Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Email: cheapcharliespatong@hotmail.com