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A short 10min walk from the main street where everything is located, far enough away you don't get disturbed by the loud music all night long! Would def stay here again!!! Lindsay 11 July 2011

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Loved it! We didnt stay at cheap charlies but found ourselfs the for breakfast every day and drinks in the evening, all the staff are wonderfull and the vaule for money is great, food is soooo yummy! Worth a trip even if you just want to good and cheap thai food! Milton April 27, 2010

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At Cheap Charlie's
Rooftop Beach Bar
Rooftop Beach Bar

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Karaoke Competition
Wet T Shirt Competition
Party Night
Party Night

Tune up your vocal chords and prepare yourself for your 5 minutes of fame - every Monday night..
Wanna get paid? Show us what ya got or just chill and give your ears a musical massage - every Tuesday night...
Show off your musical skills, or just chill, swill and relax - every Wednesday night...
Be in to win or there to stare. Show us what ya got - Ya up for the dare? - every Thursday night...
The best in laid back, kick ass tunes from top local and int'l performers - every Friday & Saturday nights...
All U Can Drink Parties!!!
2 hours of raucous reveling and riotous rocking - every Saturday night...
Kick back and treat your aural orifices to the best Blues on the block - every Sunday night...

And... (As Always) ...
Free Shuttle Transport
Free Shuttle Transport - Free WiFi Internet
Free Movies - Free Book Exchange
Free Sunsets - Free Hospitality
50 B Drinks - 50 B Food
Because we're Cheap!!!
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Free Sunsets

Cheap Charlie's
Rooftop Beach Bar
& Backpacker Lodge
Tel: 082-221-2922
54 Nanai Rd., Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Email: cheapcharliespatong@hotmail.com